Astrology is based on astronomical positions of planets. Astrology determines the relation between a person’s life & planetary position......More
It’s a system of designing and construction that establishes a dynamic balance between form & energy for harmonious creations to be created for inhabitants.......More

The past is gone, but the future is what we have to live. The future always throws up anxiety, expectations and worries. What if we can know about the same now in the present and seek direction to handle them appropriately.

Vibranz, helps you achieve the same. We are engaged in the study, research and provide solutions that will convert your worries into happiness enabling you accept these challenges and work on it positively.

The scope of numerology is manifold and almost every activity in an individual’s life or business is governed by numerical analysis and interpretations......More
The tarot puts the power of destiny into your hands. Find out how to reveal & change your future using the cards to bring success into every area of your life.....More

● Easy and simple remedies

● Affordable Solutions

● Yeilds Quick Results

● Drastic positive changes on    personal and professional fronts

This is a case of a lady working in a private firm . The work pressure was too much for her to handle....more

This is a case of a student whose name analysis was done. Her name was changed by adding “a particular alphabet” making her name vibrate favorably....more
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