Case Studies

Case Study no 1 :

One of our clients aged 70  was suffering from malarial infection and was admitted to a prominent hospital in Mumbai.  She was discharged from the hospital as there was no hope.  The family doctor also gave up on the treatment. 

Her daughter met Shini and asked for a tarot reading session.  Shini  took a spread and her reading of the tarot cards showed - that she will come out of it positively provided she changed the mode of treatment.
The family switched her treatment to a different branch of medicine  which continued for 45 days.  Today she is normal , hale and hearty and leading a normal healthy life.  She enjoys going out and she travels all alone now


Case Study no 2

This is a case of a student whose name analysis was done.  Her name was changed by adding “a particular alphabet” making her name vibrate favorably.  

Following this change, she started performing well in studies and other activities she pursued.  She later went on to be featured in her school magazine

Case Study no 3

This is a case of a lady working in a private firm .  The work pressure was too much for her to handle.  She wanted to give up her job.  After studying her chart, she was advised to continue for 2 months and then later move into another company.    

As per the advise, she got a job in a multinational  and  pay that matched her expectations.
Case Study no 4

Here is a case of a businessman dealing in real estate and not doing well in business.  Looking at his horoscope chart  and  with astrological calculations, remedies were suggested to him Within a period of 20 days, he could see a change in his business. 

There has not been any looking back thereafter and the businessman comes back to Ms Shini Nair regularly.

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